Our Quality Policy


Quality is not a privilege but your right!

Demir Hayat Insurance; received the title of being the first insurance company to receive ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate on 24th of July 1996 by being reviewed by RWTÜV which is a German auditing and certification company.

Demir Hayat which was established with the purpose of being an exemplary company by bringing distinctive and quality aspects into insurance business, has the justified pride of being the first insurance company with ISO 9001 Total Quality Certificate in Turkey.

As Demir Hayat Family, our efforts to increase the quality of our services for our policy holders will not be limited to this certificate we received. We will work constantly to maintain our mission on being an exemplary insurance company that gets improved continuously and exceeds the standards of customer satisfaction.

Among the responsibilities that we defined along the lines of this thought are;

  • Maximum satisfaction of our policy holders and meeting the requirements that change according to the current conditions are essential for us. Our objective is to transform the insurance bought by the policy holders into a long term cooperation and providing satisfaction with our Total Quality Service approach during this cooperation,
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of our existing and potential policy holders according to the requirements of modern life as quick as possible and in compliance with our quality approach,
  • To pay the same attention to the goods and services that we purchase in order to have a quality service offered to our policy holders,
  • To inform and equip our agencies just as our employees with the information and documents in compliance with the standards most suitable with our quality service approach,
  • To approach all our employees, agencies, re assurers and policy holders with the principle of transparency and to assess needs at every level and increase the quality standards in an approach that renovates itself and follows the trends