Personal Accident Insurance


No matter what, we are by your side.

Life is full of surprises, bitter or nice. Whether we have a adventurous or a peaceful life, under the conditions we are living in, we wouldn't know what we are going to face. In case of an unexpected accident, we can come across a sad scenario with bitter financial results besides the sadness we would experience. In order to eliminate or at least minimise the risks of unexpected accidents, we recommend you the Personal Accident Insurance.

Who can benefit?

Everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 can benefit from the Personal Accident Insurance and show anyone as a beneficiary as he or she wishes.

What Advantages does it have?

Personal Accident Insurances held for one year covers loss of life, disability or hospital treatment expenses that might result from an accident.

Tax Advantage:

Government incentive is applied in life insurances just like in the personal pension system. This incentive is given not as direct share in payments but as tax deduction indirectly. If you are a wage earner or annual declaration based taxpayer, you can the premiums you paid from your taxes according to the clauses 63/3 and 89/1 of Income Tax Law no 193 with law number 4697. In order to benefit from these, you need to pay your premiums within the terms they belong to. If you give the receipt indicating your payment for the premium, the paid premium will be deducted within the limits from your taxes.