My Life Support Coverages

Hayatıma Destek Sigortası

A Special Coverages Just For You From Demir Hayat Insurance; My Life Support Coverages

"My Life Support Coverages" of Demir Hayat Insurance consisting of dietician, dental health, smoking cessation, psychiatric consultation and treatment session for people who whish to live a healty and quit from the stress of business and city life.

Only for 9,90 TL per month;

  • Dietician
  • Consultancy to quit smoking
  • Psychiatric consultancy and treatment sessions
  • Dental health

are some of the coverages you can receive with My Life Support Coverages .
You may have these special covarages by only monthly paying 9.90 TL.

Keep away from the stress of business and city life!

Psychiatric consultancy and treatment sessions, consultancy to quit smoking treatment sessions, dietician and child psychology consultancy of the insurance is provided by experinced doctors of Humanite Tıp Merkezi. You can use your coverage with 25% participation up to 300TL. In addition, you can benefit from discounts up to 50% on additiona treatment session if you exceed your coverage limit.

Protecting your dental health improves your live quality!

If we do not care our dental health, it may cause problems in almost every organs in our body such as heart, kidney an deven our limbs. Therefore it is highly advised by doctors to be checked our oral and dental health at least 2 times in a year.

Demir Hayat “My Life Support Coverages” can be used in our contracted institutions with 25% participation up to 300TL.

Besides, you can benefit from discounts up to 40% in your health expenses at more than 1.800 private hospitals, polyclinics, diagnosis centres and pharmacies all around Turkey.

For Detailed Information:
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