Corporate Personal Accident Insurance


With Personal Accident Insurance, companies can get their employees insured against the results that can be caused by all kinds of accidents for 1 year.

Who can benefit?

Groups consisting of 10 people minimum, working at the same company permanently and between the ages of 18 and 65 can have the Demir Hayat Corporate Personal Accident Insurance.


  • All premiums being paid by the employer supports the idea of responsibility of the employer in work related accidents.
  • Since it is an insurance for groups of people, more reasonable premiums and payment methods are possible.
  • Corporate Personal Accident Insurance products can be designed fully according to the coverages you want by you and Demir Hayat Insurance. This way, exclusive advantages for you can be attained.

Period of Insurance

  • The duration of the Group Personal Accident Insurance is 1 year.

The Scope of Coverage

Main Coverage

  • Death and Disabilities Resulting from Accidents

Additional Coverage

  • Daily Benefits During Hospitalisation

The Premiums of Corporate Individual Accident Insurance;

The insurance policy can be started with 100% participation of the corporation, with participation of corporation at a certain proportion and participation of the employee at a certain proportion or by being paid in full by the employee.

If you are planning to get insured for the first time;

Demir Hayat Insurance will determine your needs together with you and make sure you have the coverages that suits you the most on most reasonable premiums.

We wish you have a nice day!