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Wish Evliya Çelebi had a Travel Health Insurance from Demir Hayat, too!

Whether you travel around the world like Evliya Çelebi or you go to Europe once in a year, Demir Hayat Travel Health Insurance is just for you!

Travel Health Insurance provides you the opportunity to insure the costs of medical treatment you may require as a result of risks such as diseases or accidents during your travels abroad within the frame of coverages in your policy. You can have your travel health insurance for your travels to European countries, you can get it so as to cover your travels to the whole world according to your request.

Usage of Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance can be done in two ways as Per-Travel Health Insurance and One-Year Travel Health Insurance. In case of a disease during your holiday an exemption of 75 USD/EURO is applied per case. Exemption is not effective in cases of accident. If you prefer your Demir Hayat Travel Health Insurance for European countries, it will cover all European countries including the countries that are a part of Schengen Agreement. When world countries are preferred, it covers all world countries including European countries.

a) Per-Travel Health Insurance: You can have your Travel Health Insurance on different durations suitable to your needs such as for 7, 15, 30, 45 or 90 days. This travel insurance is designed for those who occasionally goes abroad for business visits.

b) One Year Travel Health Insurance:: Its duration is for 1 year and one policy for the 1 year duration is enough. It is effective for all travels to be made to the places that are chosen to be covered. When policy for more than 90 days is preferred maximum duration of coverage is limited to 92 days no matter it is used once per year or during different travels. This type of insurance is designed for those who often travel abroad.
Coverage Table
Coverages World Europe
Disease 50.000 USD 30.000 EURO
Accident 50.000 USD 30.000 EURO
Transferring body to Homeland 50.000 USD 30.000 EURO
Emergency Medical Transfer 50.000 USD 30.000 EURO

Coverages stated above can be received on standard premiums until 65 of age. Additional premium rates stated below are applied for the age range between 66 and 80.

Age Range Additional Premium
66-70 75%
71-75 150%
76-80 250%

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