Surgical Diseases Insurance


Surgical Diseases Insurance; A bright idea for your health...

Surgical Diseases Insurance which is a new approach in health insurances can be bought alone and also can be used to supplement the missing coverages of your current health insurance. The coverages not included by classical health insurance are supplemented by this insurance.

Why were these diseases chosen?

Surgical Diseases Insurance covers surgical operations that may happen as a result of 125 and 176 pre-defined diseases. These diseases are chosen having defined the surgical operations conducted most in Turkey according the statistics. The limit for each disease is determined according to the prices of the hospitals.

Septum, concave, snoring treatment and varicosele are covered!

These diseases which are not covered by the personal health insurance are covered in Surgical Diseases Insurance within the scope of limits defined in specific conditions.

Coverages are valid all across the world!

There are no limitations of contacted institution or geographical location in Surgical Diseases Insurance. Your insurance is effective in all parts of the globe within the limits defined in your policy.

5 year renewal on one health declaration.

Risk assessment is done according to your declaration taken at the beginning of your policy and another risk assessment is not made for 5 years in Surgical Diseases Insurance.

Who can benefit?

  • Everyone between the ages 18 and 65 can benefit from Demir Hayat Surgical Diseases Health Insurance.
  • It is a health insurance that offers various coverage limits on different premiums for different operations for all ages and both genders.

Do not miss exclusive advantages for you!

  • Surgical Diseases Health Insurance contains coverages and premiums in American Dollars.
  • For renewal, a written approval of the policy holders in 30 days following the expiry date is enough.
  • Policy holders receive coverages based on USD for operations defined in specific conditions on low premiums.
  • If you have Surgical Diseases Health Insurance, you do not need to use your current health insurance and pay additional premiums due to this usage.

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We wish you healthy days.