Gökkuşağı Health Insurance


You'll have health under Rainbow!

Gökkuşağı Health Insurance is offering economic solutions with various coverages which consist of the colors of the rainbow will provide an indispensable health warranty for you and your loved ones.

Gökkuşağı Health Insurance is an insurance that everyone between the ages of 0 and 60 can use.

Gökkuşağı Health Insurance consists of three main sections which are inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment then pregnancy and birth coverages.

Renewal Guarantee is Important!

By looking at the assessment of your policy at the end of the 3rd year, you have "Demir Hayat Renewal Guarantee" and at the end of the 5th year you have "Life-long Renewal Guarantee".

Inpatient treatment is limitless!

According to the plan you chose, Your Gökkuşağı health insurance covers all inpatient treatment costs without any limits with or without any surgical operation.

Your outpatient treatments are under guarantee with Gökkuşağı!

The costs of examinations conducted by your doctors at hospitals, healthcare institutions and clinics and private clinics, prescribed medicine, required laboratory tests, analyses-radioscopy, ultrasonography, MR, tomography, EKG and physiotherapy are covered.

All the treatments received at the institutions and physicians‟ offices that take part in the Demir Hayat List of Contracted Institutions are covered 100%.

What would you say to glasses, lens and dental coverages in your policy?

If you want, you can add coverages such as glasses, lenses and dental treatment to your policy in exchange for additional premiums..

Birth with Gökkuşağı is limitless at our contracted institutions!

Pregnancy, birth and all kinds of complications resulted by these are paid along the lines of the limits and payment rate defined in your policy within the frame of general and specific conditions. At Private Echomar Göztepe Hospital, Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital and Ankara Mesa Hospital birth coverage is contracted instutituons. Your coverange is limitless according to the service network chosen. (Birth coverage limit are valid for those insured for 2,500 TL and over.)

Do not miss exclusive advantages for you!

  • We also cover your labour loss in your inpatient treatments. For the days during which you are not able to work due to sickness, a compensation is paid per day in case only Social Security Institution is used.
  • 100% coverage for check-up, dental coverage, dietician and smoking cessation treatment without share.
  • PSA and mammography for our policy holders above 40 years old.
  • Outpatient treatment coverage in abroad up to 2,500 TL.
  • Special discount on family policy.
  • You can benefit from no-claim bonus according to the rate of your loss/premium in outpatient treatments. Besides, using inpatient treatment coverage will not affect the loss/premium rate.
  • Our policy holders who have inpatient treatment coverage can benefit from very special discounts for outpatient treatments in our contracted institutions.
  • If you are a wage earner or declaration based tax payer, you can deduct your premiums from your tax assessment according to Income Tax Law.
  • Exclusive discounts are made for policy holders residing outside Istanbul.
  • In vital emergencies where road access is not possible, you are under guarantee with air ambulance for 24/7 and 365 days.
  • Within the scope of your policy, you can receive medical consultancy 24/7 for 365 days.
  • Even if your policy does not have any outpatient treatment coverage in cases of emergency such as traffic accident, food poisoning, drowning in water and so forth your treatment is considered within the scope of inpatient treatment and covered in 100%.

Gökkuşağı Health Insurance Plan and Assurance Table

Name of the Plan Inpatient Sharing Rate Outpatient Sharing Rate
Red Limitless %100 none none
Orange Limitless %100 5.000 TL in Year %80
Dark Blue Limitless %100 5.000 TL Doktorsuz/İlaçsız %80
Blue Limitless %100 Sub-refracting %80
Yellow Limitless %100 2.500 TL %80

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We wish you healthy days.