Farkı Bizden Supplementary Health Insurance

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Let us pay for the difference of additional treatment costs that may occur for using your Social Security Institution's Insurance!

With Farkı Bizden Supplementary Health Insurance, additional treatment costs of those who are covered by Social Security Institution (SSI) and of the people legally dependant on them at institutions which have a contract with SSI are 100% under the warranty of Demir Hayat.

The policy holder can receive their treatment without having to pay any costs except for the compulsory 12 TL that is taken by the government for the treatment costs as a result of SSI usage, being covered 100% by Demir Hayat.

Why FARKI BİZDEN Supplementary Health Insurance?

With Farkı Bizden, our policy holders will have the opportunity to benefit from the wide network of contracted health institutions by extending the health insurance limits provided by SSI.

Even the invoices of health institutions not contracted are paid!

The most distinctive feature of Farkı Bizden against other supplementary health insurances is that even if you go to a health institution that is not contracted with Demir Hayat, amounts up to 1,5 of *HPN tariff in paid provided that you use your SSI and state the detailed HPN codes of transactions conducted. This is also valid for birth coverage.
(*Healthcare Practices Notification)

Who can benefit?

  • New born children can be insured after 14 days.
  • Oldest age to get insured is 60.
  • There is no age limit for those who had gotten insured before 55 years of age.
  • If the first insurance was conducted between the ages of 56 and 60, the policy continues up until 60 years of age maximum.

The Coverages of Farkı Bizden Supplementary Health Insurance

Our policy holders who have "Farkı Bizden" supplementary health insurance are able to choose 3 different plans depending on their preferences; inpatient treatment, inpatient or outpatient treatment with the additional birth coverage that can be received optionally.

Inpatient Treatments

Limitless and 100 per cent:

  • Our policy holders will not pay anything for treatment and materials accepted by SSI in inpatient treatments.
  • Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Dialyses, operations and small surgical operations and any treatment included by intensive care inpatient treatment will be 100% under the guarantee of Demir Hayat without any limits or requiring any additional costs.

Outpatient Treatments:

Limitless, 8 times in total per year:

  • Considering this number as doctor examinations, tests and analyses done by the same doctor will be considered as only one usage.
  • There is no limit in costs for outpatient treatments.
  • Medicine coverage is not included in the scope since it is already paid in full by SSI.

Pregnancy and Birth:

  • Birth coverage is a limitless optional plan that can be preferred by women between 18 and 48, valid at out contracted institutions.
  • The costs of normal delivery and caesarean section are also covered under this coverage without any extra price.

Lifetime Renewal Guarantee:

  • Those who completed their third year at Demir Hayat Insurance provided that they got insured at the age of 52 at the latest, if their L/P rate per each year they have been insured is below 80%, they are given lifelong renewal guarantee having made their risk analysis.

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We wish you healthy days.