Emergency Health Insurance


We have no emergencies other than you!

We protect you from high costs with small premiums. Besides, you can also benefit from our dental health and check-up coverages!

Demir Hayat Emergency Health Insurance insures you and your loved ones against accidents, injuries or circumstances that require surgical operation and covers for the diagnosis, treatment and medical operation costs within the scope of your coverage.

Who can benefit?

Everyone residing in Turkey between the ages of 0 and 65 can benefit from Demir Hayat Emergency Health Insurance. Children between the ages of 0 and 18 can be taken under the coverage within the scope of family and/or with at least one person legally dependant on you.

Features of our Emergency Health Insurance:

  • The duration of our Emergency Health Insurance is 1 year.
  • Insurance premiums do not change due to age and gender.
  • Medical Consultancy Coverage on our phone number 0850 251 04 04.
  • Discount advantages up to 40% at various rates depending on the over 1600 Institutions Contracted with Demir Hayat.
  • Even if our policy holders in Demir Hayat Emergency Health Insurance do not have any outpatient treatment, they can benefit from some discounts at contracted healthcare institutions because they are insured with Demir Hayat.

Emergency Health Insurance Coverages

The Name Of Coverage The Limit Of Coverage The Type Of Coverage Rate
*Emergency Cases 10.000 TL Yearly %100
Emergency Surgical Admission 10.000 TL Per Case %100
Emergency Internal Admission 1.500 TL Per Case %100
Room Food Service 150 TL Daily %100
Intensive Care 400 TL Daily %100
*Ambulance Limitsiz Per Case %100
*Personal Accident 10.000 TL Yearly %100
Accident Death 10.000 TL Yearly %100
Accident Permanent Disability 10.000 TL Yearly %100
*Contracted Institution Dental Cleaning 300 TL Yearly %75
Check-up Once a Year %100

Dental Coverage at Contracted Institutions

Our dental coverage is valid at some particular institutions, you can have a look at "My Dental Policy" page from Health Products at "Our Products" section of our website for further information.

Check-up Coverage

Check-up coverage is valid at the institutions stated by us and can be used by policy holders who spent at least 6 months with us. Our check-up includes internal examination, EKG, chest radiography, full blood count, sedimentation, pre-prandial blood glucose, cholesterol, SGPT, full urine and urea analyses.

Circumstances that are included within the scope of Demir Hayat Emergency Health Insurance are as follows;

  • Drowning in water,
  • Traffic accident
  • Sexual assault,
  • Terror, sabotage, getting shot, getting stabbed, fight, etc.
  • Falling down from height,
  • Loss of limbs due to serious occupational accidents,
  • Electrocution,
  • Freezing, frostbite,
  • Heat stroke,
  • Serious burns,
  • Serious eye injuries,
  • Poisoning,
  • Anaphylactic shock,
  • Fractures on the spine and lower extremities,
  • Heart attack, hypertension crisis,
  • Acute respiratory problems,
  • All kinds of organic deficiencies that cause memory loss,
  • Sudden paralysis,
  • Serious general affective disorder,
  • High temperature over 39.5 degrees,
  • Diabetic and uremic coma,
  • General affective disorder accompanied by dialysis sickness,
  • Acute abdomen,
  • Acute massive bleeding,
  • Meningitis, encephalitis, brain abscess,
  • Renal colic,
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We wish you healthy days.