Dangerous Diseases Insurance


Take a deep breath, without thinking about high health expenses that might be caused by your treatment.

If you or someone close to you ever faces a serious illness, the important thing of course will be to find an effective and right treatment as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in cases like this, while the sickness in itself is a problem, treatment methods and tests given by your doctor can also bring a heavy burden. Maybe, you are not able to work during your illness or your treatment may last longer than you anticipate. In order not to get caught unprepared against this type of risks in life, we as Demir Hayat developed Dangerous Diseases Insurance for you and your loved ones.

Everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 can benefit from Demir Hayat Dangerous Diseases Insurance no matter what their working conditions are.

Why should you have Dangerous Diseases Insurance?

Treatments of diseases such as heart attack, cancer, coronary by-pass, kidney failure, stroke, heart valve implant, organ transplant, paralysis, blindness, multiple sclerosis, hearing loss, large burns, and motor neuron disease are both expensive and they last long.

For instance, while medical operations such as a coronary by-pass (* 50.000 TL), a heart valve implant (*37.000TL), an organ transplant (*45.000TL) can cause high medical expenses, you can have Fatal diseases insurance by paying jut **320TL per year and secure your budget for the costs of these treatments.

We as Demir Hayat recommend "Dangerous Diseases Insurance" in order to prevent additional financial troubles on top of the distress caused by such circumstances.

(* Based on average pricing of a type A network hospital.)
(** Approximate annual premium based on 37 years of age.)

What Advantages does it have?

  • Dangerous Diseases Insurance which is made for one year can be bought in two options that cover 5 or 13 diseases.
  • The coverages can be indexed in Turkish Liras, American Dollars or Euros. Currency chosen cannot be changed until the end of the insurance period and insured people who have one of these diseases have the right to receive the coverage equal to the limit defined in advance and then the policy is ended.
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We wish you healthy days.