Corporate Health Insurance


Companies, their employees and closed ones of their employees can be insured against all kinds of health problems with corporate health insurances. Corporate health policies offer many advantages to both the employers and to the employees and provide the opportunity of taking their health expenses under guarantee on reasonable premiums.

Nowadays, companies must offer wages above the average market conditions and extra benefits in order to ensure the satisfaction and the motivation of their employees their most valuable assets and to preserve the quality of their staff required for business.

Although wages are very important, employees nowadays expect extra benefits such as health insurance, personal accident, travel, house insurance, personal finance rather than the basic requirements and benefits such as wages and holidays.

Why should companies have Corporate Health Insurance?

The advantages of group health insurances bought by the company for the benefit of their employees and (optional) personnel insurances mediated by the company can be listed as follows:

  • It has a significant place in human resources policy of the company in terms of the protection of the healthcare rights of the employees.
  • It makes positive contributions for the corporate identity.
  • By ensuring a quality and fast healthcare services in health problems of their employees, they aim to prevent loss of time in the actual works of the employees. Therefore, they provide continuity of business and saved time.
  • Companies benefit from tax deductions for this kind of expenses.
  • Employees' loyalty to their work increases their loyalty to their company and frequency of hiring and dismissing new employees is lessened.
  • They provide the employees to feel themselves valuable, secure and contained by the long term plans of the company.
  • The risks in the responsibilities of companies against their employees are transferred to an insurance company.
  • More reasonable payment options, coverages and product designs are possible compared to personal health insurance products.

Who can benefit?

Groups consisting of 20 people minimum, full time working at the same company and between the ages of 0 and 65 can have Corporate Health Insurance.

Period of Insurance

The period of Group Health Insurances are 1 year.

The Scope of Coverage

  • Main Coverage
    • Inpatient Treatment Coverage
    • Outpatient Treatment Coverage
  • Additional Coverage
    • Dental
    • Eye
    • Check up coverage
    • Coverage in abroad
  • Provided that at least 20 employees participate and the ages of the employees are between 0 and 65, the employees of your company and the members of their families (their spouses and children) can benefit from the Private Corporate Health Insurance, you can find a modern solution to all kinds of health problems for your employees and their close ones with tariffs suitable to your budget and plans that you can define.

Where can you receive treatment?

People who have Health Insurance from Demir Hayat Insurance experience the comfort of receiving services with the Insurance card they use at more than 1,600 contracted institutions spread across Turkey 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within the scope of private health insurance you can receive services from any doctor or health institution you want in the country or outside if you have coverage in abroad. In order for you to receive a quality service and benefit from the insurance system easily, there is a wide network of contracted institutions consisting of hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, screening centres and pharmacies. (See: the list of contracted institutions)

You can benefit from the treatment services at contracted institutions within the scope of your limits, only by paying your share, if you have any. Besides, the treatments given by state and university hospitals are considered as treatments at contracted institutions.

Premiums of Corporate Health Insurance;

The insurance can be made with 100% participation of the corporation, with participation of corporation at a certain proportion and participation of the employee at a certain proportion (or by being paid in full by the employee). If you have an existing corporate health insurance, Demir Hayat Insurance can provide solutions within the coverage structure and specifications of your current corporate policy and provide the continuity of your insurance by preserving your rights due to its strong infrastructure.

If you are planning to get insured for the first time;

Demir Hayat Insurance will determine your needs together with you and make sure you have your coverage on the most reasonable premiums.