Things You Need to Know

  • Your privacy and confidentiality in terms of your private life is of utmost importance for us. The Privacy Act enacted so as to protect the individual rights and freedoms took effect. We would like to give you details on the Privacy Act which we pay much attention and care to.

    In accordance with Privacy Law numbered 6698  (KVKHK), all information and documents which may be used to identify the person or renders the person identifiable such as the  identity details, communication numbers, address details, voice records, health conditions of a natural person are deemed as personal data.

    In line with the purposes determined/limited by the laws such as marketing and promotion of the products and services offered by our Company by means of our Head Office, Regional Directorate, our agencies, website and call centre via verbal, written or electronic environment, to establish legal/commercial relations with the customer based on this product and to meet the requirements of the executed contract, health or life insurance, giving provision directly to the health institutions from which you plan to receive services from, to make risk assessment, to ensure payment of compensations, to determine the product groups which address to the customers, such information may be received from the customer directly or Insurance Information Centre, other insurance companies, other official or direct/indirect subsidiaries or the employer with whom you receive services and work with in the capacity of an insurer, health institutions or physicians from which you previously received services or natural or legal persons (also such as physicians) and they may be processed by Demir Hayat Sigorta A.Ş. acting as the data manager.

    By means of legal arrangements included under arrangements such as Insurance Law, Commercial Code, MASAK regulations which relate to determining the customers identity, address etc. and retaining them in legal periods, as a requirement of compliance with the information keeping, reporting, information stipulated by authorities such as Undersecretariat of Treasury, Insurance Information Centre, the personal information and information related with your health status are registered to our systems, stored, protected, classified and  updated as the Data Supervisor and may be shared with 3rd parties within legal frame or be processed in the ways stipulated under the privacy act.

    The personal and confidential information kept by our company are shared by official bodies and other third parties, public legal entities such as MASAK, SBM, assisting companies from which we receive services to perform our insurance services and third parties legally authorized to ask for client information from insurance companies on a need to know basis. The third parties with whom we share information are institutions and companies required to keep information confidential as per the insurance legislations just like ourselves.

    All personal and confidential information kept by our company shall be retained in our databank for a term of 10 years following the expiry of the term of the insurance policy in accordance with the insurance legislations in such a way that cannot be accessed by the personnel of our company and at the end of the period in question, they shall be deleted ex-officio or be rendered anonymous at the end of this period of time.

    ​In accordance with Privacy Law, you have the rights to ask whether your personal information have been processed or not, to require information if they were processed, to learn their processing purpose and whether they were used based on its purpose, to identify the third parties to whom such information were delivered home or abroad, to require correction of such documents if they were processed incorrectly or incompletely, require such correction to be communicated to third parties to whom information in question were transferred, request the deletion/removal of the information within the conditions required under article 7 of Privacy Law excluding the legal framework, to request the demand for deletion/removal of the information to 3rd parties to whom the information was sent, if any adverse results arise due to analysis via automatic systems exclusively, require to be compensated should you incur by losses due to illegal processing of your information.

  • TMA Minimum Price Tariff is the tariff that is published by Turkish Medical Association and that rates the procedures conducted and attempts taken by the doctors according to the efforts spent to form a base. The scores on the tariff changes according to the difficulty of the works done. For instance; an examination is defined with 25 points, laparoscopic cholecystectomy is 500 points.

    Medical Association published the coefficients that corresponds to each rate annually. These coefficients vary according to the changes in the inflation rates and the cities where the healthcare services are offered Minimum Price in Medical services are calculated by multiplying these rate with the coefficients and adding the VAT (%8).

  • You need to call Demir Hayat Insurance Inc. Ambulance Line at 0 850 251 04 04 and dial 1 to receive ambulance services in an emergency.

    • You will just need to tell about your problem and your emergency.
    • And on your request for being transferred to another hospital; you will just need to nform us about your name, address and the phone number of the hospital you are staying in, the name, address and phone number of the doctor you are receiving treatment and the assistance you need will be given to you as soon as possible.
  • Your provision transactions are only done with the institution code and your password for health provision contracted institution line.
  • If you are getting transactions done at one of our contracted institutions, ıt will be to your advantage to wait for the completion of your provision procedures.

    Do not forget to ask for the results of all kinds of tests, claim form and original invoice from the authorized personnel for all healthcare procedures conducted at health institutions without any contract with us.

  • If you send the invoices of the expenses for treatments received at institutions other than our Contracted Health Institutions to the Department of Healthcare Coverage or to your agency, the amount that is going to be paid back to you within the scope of specific and general conditions and your coverage limits will be transferred to your account within 10 days. You should not forget to give us an account number during your application for your policy in order not to have any problems about the invoice amount being paid to your account.

    The payments of your health expenses can be delayed or cancelled due to following reasons. You can get information about this issue from our Health Consultancy Line. (0 850 252 04 04)

    • No bank account number is provided or it has changed.
    • Missing healthcare expenses documents (test results, original invoice, etc.)
    • Documents sent have not arrived to our company.
    • The policy was frozen or cancelled due to delays in premium payments.
    • The period in your policy has ended.
    • Your coverage limit is full.
    • Your healthcare expenses are not covered by your health policy according to specific and general conditions

    Your obligations for declarations during the application were not fulfilled (missing or false declaration)

  • SSI differences are paid within the scope of coverage limits in your policy. If the contracted hospital has a contract with the Social Security Insurance as well, we pay the price differences if there is any according to the specific conditions of the policy. In this way, you have the opportunity to decrease your personal health insurance expenses and have a policy on more reasonable prices for the next year.