• Submit your invoice together with the documents stated in specific conditions of the policy to Demir Hayat. Having reviewed your invoice, if your expense is covered, the payment is made to the account number you defined within 1 week maximum.

  • As stated by the General Conditions of Health Insurance, the Insured is liable to notify the Insurer about the changes within 8 days maximum. Starting from the date the Insurer got informed about this change, if this require the termination or redrawing of the contract under heavier conditions, the insurer can cancel the contract or keep it by means of requiring premium difference.
  • Within the scope of the limits and payment rates stated in the certification of the policy that you have, you can benefit from this benefit based on the average of 5 big hospitals in Turkey.
  • Delivery expenses in the individual policies that does not have the right to be covered for Pregnancy and Birth are outside the scope of coverage. Once the baby is 14 days old, health information is review and included in the policy by having the premium. Health expenses of the baby included in the policy are covered within the specific and general conditions of the policy.
  • Your expenses related to diseases and accidents that occur after the starting date of the health insurance are covered as defined in the specific and general conditions and exceptions of the policy within the scope of Inpatient and/or Outpatient treatments as chosen by you.
  • The premiums paid by the insured for the spouse and children are included in tax deductions. Health insurance premium paid by a taxpayer who works on a payroll can be deducted from his or her tax on the condition that it does not exceed 5% of the gross earnings during the month premium is paid and monthly amount of the minimum wage.
  • You call benefit from fast, reliable and quality services with all health and supplementary Dental policies.

    Besides, no claim discount is applied during the renewal period of your SES HEALTH policy having assessed the usage of your outpatient treatment coverage (excludes inpatient treatment).

  • Ses Health Insurance covers your health expenses you might need for your health during diagnosis, treatment and birth.

    With Dangerous Diseases Insurance, Demir Hayat Insurance is by your side when you face a serious sickness such as heart attack, cancer, kidney failure.

    Travel Health Insurance covers the expenses related to accidents and sudden illnesses that may occur during your travels abroad.

    32 Diş Dental Policy is at your service for both treatment and preventive procedures regarding dental and oral health problems.

    Our test-tube baby policy, El Bebek Gül Bebek covers test-tube baby treathment and if requested as an additional assurance pregnancy and birth too.

    Gökkuşağı Health Insurance covers health expenses you can use at places you will prefer with a limit you would require for your health.

  • This insurance covers people older than 18 and younger than 65 . Children older than 15 days and younger than 18 are included in the coverage of insurance as family.
  • If the insured gets sick and/or injured as a result of any accident, required expenses are covered by their daily coverage if they have any.
  • Health expenses of our policy holders at the Contracted Institutions are paid within the scope of specific conditions and coverage limits of the health insurance policy.

    However, in order to indemnify the expenses of damages paid in cash by the policy holders to institutions other than the Contracted Institutions within the scope of the coverage limits of the policy, the documents that have to be submitted attached to "CLAIM FOR DAMAGES FORM" are as follows:

    A-Inpatient Treatment Expenses

    • Medical report and discharge report indicating the treatment received documenting the hospitalisation at a private or public health institution given certification by the Ministry of Health in Turkish Republic (information form, test results)
    • Original copy of the invoice with official bill of costs for the health expenses
    • Traffic Accident Report, judicial report, alcohol report in case of an accident

    (In addition to the documents above) In Cases Surgical Operation is Required

    • Technical operation report
    • Pathology report

    In Treatments Abroad (in addition to the documents above)

    • Copy of the passport indicating the policy holder's entry and exit dates
    • Submission of English, German or Turkish copies of invoices and related reports and results from abroad, approved by a certified translator

    Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Dialyses expenses

    • Original copies of invoices with bill of accounts for expenses

    B-Outpatient Treatment Expenses Medical Examination Expenses

    • Official invoice made to your name by the hospital or clinic or official self-employment invoice showing the name, surname and branch together with the tax office and tax payer number of the doctor that conducted the examination

    Medicine Costs

    • Doctor prescription made to your name documenting the medicine used
    • Price tags attached at the back of the prescription with names of the drugs visible
    • Sales slip or invoice to your name documenting the expense
    • Related medicine report for medicine to be used constantly

    Test and X-Ray Costs

    • Test and/or x-ray results
    • Original copy of the invoice with official bill of costs for the health expenses
    • Justified claim document written by the doctor

    Small Intervention Expenses

    • Doctor report indicating the necessity of treatment
    • Original copy of the invoice with official bill of costs for the health expenses
    • Pathology report for incision/biopsy if taken

    Dental Treatment Expenses As a Result of Traffic Accident

    • Original copy of the invoice documenting that the treatment is given by dentists certified to open hospital, clinic and/or private dentists' office
    • Dental diagram where the treatment given by the dentist is defined in details
    • Accident report taken by authorities indicating the nature and cause of the accident, alcohol report

    Physical Treatment Expenses

    • Doctor report where the necessity and number of sessions for the treatment are indicated
    • Original copy of the invoice with official bill of costs for the health expenses

    Modern Diagnosis Methods

    • Detailed report of the tests done
    • Original copy of the invoice with official bill of costs for the health expenses
    • Justified claim document written by the doctor

    Delivery Costs

    • Report of Birth
    • Original copy of the invoice with official bill of costs for the health expenses